WaWa Kenya

Barber and Beauty Parlor Project

In 2021 when we were recruiting fashion and design recipients, a majority of teenage mothers kept on requesting if we could train them on Beauty as well. This was not possible by then and therefore in our next project with Impact direct, we ensured that our next project had to be something to do with Beauty. Today, through the support from Impact direct, Wilde Ganzen and other good friends who gave their donations, we are able to train 20 needy, teenage mothers in Beauty Parlor. The training is taking three months since the 2nd of May and after which we proceed to practical, the project also is establishing a Beauty parlor shop in Kisumu which will accommodate at least 3 teenage mothers who shall have performed well during their trainings. Even as they continue with the course, table banking practice remains key to all of them.

We as WA-WA, we believe that when we come together with partners, communities and other like-minded friends and organizations, great social change happens, and this is how we end sex for fish in a more sustainable way.

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