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Cervical Cancer Screening fused with Kuku (Chicken) project.

Many at times people tend to look for complex projects for the communities that they tend not to understand. As a bottom up approach, we listened to fisher folks women and analyzed their major concern which made alot of sense to WA-WA. The issue was:
Why are our ‘kukus’ (chicken) dying whenever there’s an outbreak? And do you know how much we survive on these ‘kukus’ whenever we sell them?
Believe you me, from the sales of ‘Kukus’ school fees is paid, hospital bill is sorted and there’s food on the table.
In partnership with Together Women Can, WA-WA is yet to implement a cervical cancer screening fused with Kuku project in Mbita and Rachuonyo North sub counties of Homa Bay.
Through the project, we will be able to train 100 women on the best ways to keep their poultry alive as well as basic feed formulation. 1000 women will be screened for cervical cancer. 
This is one way of touching the hearts of rural communities, meeting them at their point of need and making them become the subject experts in their environment.
More Health, More wealth.

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