WaWa Kenya

ES aims to reduce the economic vulnerability of families and empower them to provide for the essential needs of the children in their care. The project seek to expand household economic and income streams as a means to create sustainable livelihoods by enhancing women employability and economic strengthening opportunities through training in key areas such as fishing, fish farming weaving (converting water hyacinth into products) and boat building among others.

Household specific assessments are done to determine capacity, interest and skill levels. Strengthening Table Banking concept including different Income Generating Activities (IGAs) is availed to household members guided by individual household interest. Skills and training activities which includes entrepreneurship and marketing is offered to expand women skill levels.

The project promotes value addition to fish produce as a means to improve pricing of products from HHs to markets; market linkages to enhance sales; linkages with Microfinance institutions for training and financial support. SMART Skills[Skills for Marketing and Rural Transformation] is emphasized to trigger innovation and promote indigenous technical knowledge, including business initiatives. Private sector partnerships are established to promote market linkages and provide trainings needed by beneficiaries.

On nutrition, WAWA Kenya trains the locals on traditional meals and other cultural practices which are beneficial to the communities.