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Kendu Bay Beauty Parlor Training Project

WAWA beauty parlor training project is situated at Karachuonyo Youth Empowerment Centre. The beauty parlor training project is in line with WAWA’s economic strengthening agenda through ending ‘Sex for Fish’.

WAWA offers training to young women and girls to equip them with basic skills. Afterwards they can in turn use these skills to improve their standards of living. Although they are young, the girls often face life changing circumstances. Many of them pregnant by the time they turn thirteen. Additionally lack of basic skills makes the situation direr.

The young women from underprivileged communities experience a lot of challenges. Some of these challenges may include ‘Sex for Fish, gender-based violence and even being forced into early marriages.

Sex for Fish, gender-based violence and early pregnancies are a major obstacle for young women in rural communities around Lake Victoria region. Early pregnancies around the lake are unfortunately a common occurrence. Women usually offer sex for fish as a means to survive tough economic times. WAWA strives to put an end to such practices by providing basic training and education to young girls and women in general across Lake Victoria region.

With WAWA’s beauty parlor training project, vulnerable girls and women get a chance to change some of the predicaments they may encounter. Young mothers get an opportunity to provide for their children’s needs without having to resort to selling their bodies for money or in exchange for fish. They also get better access to health facilities and other important amenities.

WAWA, with the help of our partners at Impact Direct and Wilde Ganzen, aim to undertake more of such projects around Lake Victoria region with the hope of changing young girls and women’s lives for the better

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